Tattooing is not a Crime

Dec 16, 2016

Unfortunately we were given the news last week that we lost our appeal. We have been fighting for the tattoo licence for 8 months and the fact that Mick has no criminal record and the fact that he helped Qld Health to clean up the tattoo industry and the fact that he has been tattooing for over 30years with no complaints about him and the fact that he owns his own business and pays his taxes and employes over a dozen people, well apparently that is not enough. That does not make him a fit and proper person and therefore he is not able to have a tattoo licence.  Mind you this is not a licence that is based on whether or not you can tattoo or sterilize or draw. This is a licence that is solely based on whether you are a Bikie.  As you can imagine we are gutted at this result. We are devastated to think that a government can bring in a law that puts innocent people out of a job for no reason. No one is better off if Koolsville closes down. The government will no longer get its money from our taxes or our 6 other licences and registrations that we pay for and have had for over 30 years. Our clients all need to find other shops and try to find someone else as good as our awesome staff, our children no longer have a successful business to step in to as they get older. And the list goes on but I am getting too upset to keep listing them all. So Mick and I have decided as of next year to start tattooing out of state. So one week a month we will fly to Melbourne or Perth or Darwin and our clients from Qld will have the opportunity to fly there with us and get their tattoos finished or new tattoos started.  We are in the process of sorting dates and locations but once we have it all sorted you will be able to click on the link and book and pay online to secure your spot. As you can understand we are devastated by this and will sadly have to spend our Christmas deciding on what our future holds.  The laser will remain as normal for the time being and the retail will remain open until at least Christmas, but the online store will be open indefinitely. 


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