First Tattoo

Mar 7, 2018

My son Alex is approaching his 18th birthday and like many other people his age he is looking forward to his first tattoo. I’ve had the pleasure of tattooing his friends that he graduated high school with, some on the day they turned 18. With the current popularity is great to see to young people researching and putting good thought into their tattoos. When I was their age there was only about 4 tattoo studios in the whole of Brisbane and there was only limited designs to choose from. Now there are hundreds of shops, that offer thousands of styles as well as the great choice of artists. Most studios follow hygiene guidelines which I am proud to say I helped establish in the mid 90s. If you have kids and they are looking at getting tattooed please make sure they go to a reputable studio and view actual photos of the artists work as well as taking in hard copies of reference material. Tell them to arrive for there appointment early, be in good health and go with a full stomach. All this will lead to a better experience for their first tattoo because as the old saying goes “Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good”.


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