First Guest Spot

Mar 1, 2017

What an amazing time we had tattooing in Perth and the look on Micks face is all that I need to keep this fight going. He was in his element and took to it like riding a bike (lol) He had the opportunity to tattoo a few of his brothers and how kool was it to have more than three in a public place. It was an honour for him to tattoo some of his biggest fans who never thought they would get the opportunity to get a tattoo from someone that lived on the opposite side of the country, so it was a Win Win. We met some wonderful people over there and the kindness shown by the people at Portside Tattoo was so appreciated. They have some great artists in there, offering a variety of styles and are well worth the trip to Australind. They have graciously asked us to come back again and we are looking forward to doing just that in the next few months, possibly May-June.

Next up for us will be Melbourne and although no date is set yet we are talking about early April. Flights to Melbourne are cheap so we will give you plenty of notice for those wanting to fly from Qld.

It still blows my mind that Mick doing his job that he has done every day for the last 30+ years is now a crime in Qld but with the upcoming changes happening next week and the possible option to reapply on the table it will be interesting to see what happens.


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