Cruise for Independence

Mar 29, 2017

Just want to start off with a huge shoutout to all our friends up north and wish them safety during these extremely dangerous weather conditions.

We are still in the process of getting everything ready for Friday and we are hoping that the rain will have safely passed by then and that everyone will be able to get their kustoms out and show them off at Mick’s Political meet and greet on Friday night here at Koolsville Studios.

Trophies are ready and have been Kustom made by Mick for the 4 categories.
Top Kustom Car, Top Hot Rod, Top Kustom Bike and Top Harley

As well as raffles there will be 20% of everything In-Store exc Artwork.

Alex will smashing out some tunes. Kassie will be giving us a hand running the shop. Sausage Sizzle and Softdrinks available.


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